Staff Satisfaction

Reduce Interruptions to Patient Care

Reminders, direct communications and automatic documentation can reduce interference with what is most important: your time and attention with your patients.

Automate processes & documentation

Integrate the EMR and nurse call to reduce chance of error, automate charting, and keep the focus on the patient care

Reduce interruptions to delivery of care

Promote visual notifications to minimize the number of calls and audible alerts sent to the caregiver

Provide direct communication for better communication

Communicate needs directly to the right staff, minimizing necessary steps and trips and providing a better understanding of what is needed by each patient

Send calls to right level of caregiver

Alert only the level of staff needed for specific tasks, with the information they need

Filter alarms and notifications

Right message is delivered to the right person with the right information

Make information readily available

Keep information current and readily visible with digital whiteboards

“Leveraging Change” at Adams Woodcrest

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