Healthcare Solutions

Deliver the best possible care, and foster a productive, happy staff environment – the intelligent nurse call solution for communications and workflow.

Patent Safety

Guaranteeing the safety of your patients is your top concern. Responder® intelligent nurse call solutions for workflow, reminders and communications help you achieve that goal

Patent Satisfaction

Your patients’ experience is improved when you can deliver attentive, responsive care. Responder solutions give your patients a voice, and help you respond faster to their needs

Staff Satisfaction

Reducing the time you have to spend on non-caregiver activity can reduce the interruptions that take you away from delivering that care. Responder can automate your processes and documentation, and let you send calls to the right level of response

Streamline Workflow

Straight-forward connections and customized integrations let you give your patients the most effective care you can. Responder’s simple, effective processes help you respond quickly and effectively to critical needs and routine requests

Business Intelligence

Responder BI is opening a new window into processes that impact performance, hospital-wide initiatives, and how to activate best practices across the organization – to maximize time with patients and get more out of your staff.

Tailored data views allow you to identify what’s working, where improvement is needed, and how best to achieve those goals.

From Charge Nurses, to Nurse Managers to Vice Presidents of Nursing, Responder BI supports your efforts to make decisions that advance staff development, staff responsiveness and patient satisfaction.

Proven Effectiveness

Prevent missed nursing care by leveraging clinical communications technology that can maintain your competitive edge in a value-based purchasing era

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